I find that the journey towards better health is much easier when in good company.

The body, spirit and mind do not exist in separation; below are some resources to help you along the way.


Renaissance Studio

The practice of yoga has helped me greatly, both as a practitioner and a human being.

Renaissance Studio in Brockley has a diverse schedule of different teachings, both in yoga and Pilates. Everything is on Zoom as standard, but if you are local to the area I strongly encourage you to attend a live class.

Niki Puspoki

Niki Puspoki is a fabulous yoga instructor. She is also qualified in yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”- a wonderfully calming and restorative form of yoga.

Rachel Barlow

Rachel is an incredibly experienced human being, who brings joy and and wisdom to movement coaching.

Yoga Nidra Network

Alongside Forrest Yoga, yoga nidra has helped me immensely in processing and integrating experiences of C-PTSD. It can also be used as a calming meditation, or to promote deep and restful sleep (something we could all use more of).

Founded by Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli, Yoga Nidra Network is my go-to resource for pre-recorded Yoga Nidra. They offer everything for free, which is helpful if you are cash-poor. For the more fortunate users, please donate and help them carry on their good work.


I have seen great improvements when combining osteopathy and hypopressives in the treatment of incontinence, back pain and diastasis recti.


Katie Ruane

Katie is a Science degree qualified Naturopath, with one aim – to help you feel better. Whilst studying at the University of Westminster, Katie was trained in a variety of therapies including Nutritional Therapy, Essential Oils and Reflexology. Since graduating Katie has helped many with a variety of health concerns including weight loss, hormonal imbalances, sleep struggles, IBS and other digestive system issues and skin conditions. Katie also does a lot of work with mothers and babies both during pregnancy and after with nutrition, reflexology, sleep support and more.


Grey Matters Therapy

For the pesky trauma that just won’t go, or the stress that cannot be managed, Venka de Rooij is someone who can help. 

Special mention to...

Liz Koch

Who gave me the courage to keep being weird and wonderful.