“The body is a unit” - A.T. Still, founder of modern osteopathy

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360 joints + 600 muscles + 95 billion neurons + 900 ligaments + 79 organs = An ecosystem that walks, talks, laughs and loves.

In the body, as in nature- Nothing exists in isolation; nothing fails in isolation.

Successful treatment is based upon addressing the body as a whole, using a combination of manual techniques, education and corrective exercises to tackle the root causes of complaint, not just the symptoms. 

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About Jackie

Jackie has a Masters in Osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy, and has been a manual therapist and bodyworker since 2007. She treats the body as whole, using a combination of manual therapy techniques, postural education and corrective rehabilitation exercises. She is interested in addressing the root causes of any musculoskeletal complaint, not just the symptoms.

Jackie is on a life-long quest to understand the human organism, from the micro to the macro-level. Her various academic qualifications include a BSc in Biomedical Science, an MSc in Molecular Biology, and an M.Ost in Osteopathy. She believes that good health is for everybody, at every stage of life.

Jackie has been extremely interested in movement from a young age. She has a background in dance, gymnastics and fitness which provides great insight in treating both professional and amateur athletes. She is currently an avid Crossfitter, Olympic weightlifter, and has keenly practiced yoga for more than a decade.

Jackie specialises in identifying and addressing poor movement patterns due to imbalances in neuromuscular activation and recruitment, which often manifest as pain and compromised performance. She utilises Neurokinetic Therapy and dry-needling/medical acupuncture alongside the array of structural, visceral and cranial manual therapy techniques available to osteopaths which serve to help alleviate discomfort, enable self-empowerment and educate patients along their journey to recovery.

Jackie is currently enrolled in a two year course on Women’s Health, curated by the esteemed Molinari Health Institute, as she believes that the health of humanity is dependent upon the wellbeing of women. She is committed to working with marginalised groups in her private practice.


I am now available at Evolution Rehab in St. John’s Wood every Wednesday, and able to accept a limited number of ad-hoc bookings at The Light Centre Moorgate, and from the 6th of July, at The Light Centre Monument.

The Mindset clinic will be closed for the time being.

Please contact me at info@jackietan.uk to arrange an appointment.

I shall be wearing full PPE in line with regulations during the appointment, and I ask that you wear a mask.